• Varied and exciting

    60 challenging levels await you

  • Gleeful

    See where other players died and leave them behind you

  • Challenging

    Whether or not you finish the level is entirely in your hands


  • Smart and forward-looking

    Many enemies lie in wait – it’s probably best to avoid them

  • Confrontational

    Compare your skills with those of your friends with the level summary

Survival of the fittest!

Wobbly Jungle demands the player’s entire skill and dexterity across 60 diverse levels. This sidescroller impresses with its extraordinary design and will drive the player to the edge.

  • Achievements and trophies

    There are 12 achievements in this game.
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  • Some facts about Wobbly Jungle

    • 60 Levels
    • 6 Colorful Chapters
    • Lots of enemies
    • Fun Sound tracks
    • Controller support
    • Easy to learn
  • You will love Wobbly Jungle as much as we do

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  • Mask-Jason

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